The Authority of the Word

    Sep 3, 2019 | by Anthony Wade

    Have you ever felt like you didn’t know which end was up?  Have you ever looked at a finish line that seemed to be so far out there that you couldn’t even figure out where the starting line was?  If so, you are not alone!  Millions of people all over the world find themselves in that exact predicament.  So, what is the answer?  I believe that the answer is the Word of God.

    What is the Word of God?  Since the beginning of time, God has been speaking to anyone who will take the time to listen to Him.  Even today, He speaks to individuals.  Many people get confused because they don’t understand how the creator of the universe could possibly speak to them.  Well, He certainly does!  Although it takes practice to learn to hear His voice on a daily basis, you can easily start to understand His desires for your life by reading what I call His Word... His written Word... the Bible.

    Every person needs a foundation for their life.  Anybody knows that in construction, the most important part of any building is the foundation.  Why?  Quite simply, because if you mess up the paint job or kitchen countertop in a new house, they can be easily redone.  If you mess up the foundation, however, the entire construction project is in jeopardy.  If the foundation is not level or solid, for example, the entire house is doomed to one day crumble to the ground.  It may not happen in a week or a year, but you can bet that eventually it will fall.

    The same thing happens all of the time in the lives of people all around us.  They think that the difficult situations that they face, like financial struggles, some type of sickness, or a failed relationship with a teenage child are the problems.  Well, this might sound hard to believe, but for the person that has not set the Word of God as his life’s foundation, those issues are not the real problem.  “What do you mean, Pastor Anthony?  Of course those are problems!”  I agree that those are problems.  Don’t mistake what I am saying.  I am saying that those are not the master problem.

    You see, for the person that has built his life on the Word of God, he is fortunate enough to have the instruction manual to combat those other issues, like a rocky relationship.  The person that has not done that, however, is left with shooting from the hip at all of life’s issues.  He has to rely on the news of the day, the most recent stock market report, the latest medical journal that just came out in opposition to last year’s journal, or the latest best-selling self-help book.  Now, I’m all for trying to improve yourself, but self-help will never get you to that place of victory that only GOD’S HELP can!!

    When making the decision to glean truth from the Word of God, determine to receive everything that it has to offer.  If God's Word says to you that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus right in the middle of the sea of symptoms, then receive it.  If you read where it says you can love your enemies right in the middle of their selfish attacks, then receive it.  If it says you are blessed and have authority over lack right as a pile of bills are staring you in the face... then RECEIVE IT!

    Friends, if you have never done so, make sure that you decide today to build your life on the sure foundation of the Word.  2 Timothy 3:16 says that the Word of God is given to us “for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness.”  The world will tell you that "experience is the best teacher."  In reality, the truth from the Word of God which is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit is the best teacher!  I would much rather learn the answers to life’s difficult questions from the Word than through painful trial and error.

    I told the Lord a long time ago that “I know I can’t go under in this life because I’m standing on your Word.  If I go under, it means that your Word has gone under and I know that isn’t going to happen!”  Make the decision today to join me.  Find the starting line to the rest of your life.  You will be so happy that you did.

    Today’s Word Study:  Matthew 7:24-27

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