Life can be complicated. Church should never be.

At Faith Building Church, we know our Heavenly Father has a marvelous plan for each and every believer!  Jesus made a way for us to live a blessed life that is not to be achieved, but simply received.

The church isn't a building.  If you are a believer, you are the church!  Life in Christ Jesus has been provided freely by grace and you can receive it by faith.  Come grow with us as we learn to receive of Him and step into everything that we are called to be!  This is how we are...

"Building Faith... One Life at a Time"

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Dream Big

Sunday, May 22, 2022

"Dream Big" can seem cliche (because it kind of is), but it's important to remember basic principals regarding God's desires for us in this life. When it comes to the desires of our heart and the passion God has given us, we must not be moved when adversity comes up against those passions and dreams. How can we be unmoved? By staying linked to the Source! It's certainly possible for believers and unbelievers alike to be able to achieve their dreams in the world and through worldly means. However, believers have a choice. Do it all by myself, MY way or do it WITH God the way he tells me to. If you have found yourself "eating the bread of sorrows" in working towards your dreams and passions, that's a pretty clear sign you have been trying to do it by yourself. Pastor Anthony wants to show you how to have courage to dream big, and to receive all God has for you. Tune in and receive it.

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There are so many ways to engage in ministries to equip you and your family to be all you are called to be!

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Step out and take the love of Jesus to a dying world.  Find your passion and use it as an outlet to minister to those around you!

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