"Foundations" Youth Ministry

These years between 7th and 12th grade can be some of the best years of a person's life.  They could also be some of the most difficult, too!  Learning how to navigate decisions and relationships can really take a lot of work.

During this pivotal time in life, these young men and women are facing all types of decisions and being pulled in many different directions by our society.  We want to enforce who God has called them to be and show them how to not blend in, but to stand out as God has created them to shine.

Learning Who I Am... Loving Every Minute

It can certainly be tough being a teenage student in today's world.  Success, failure, shame, disappointment, joy, and so many other things can seem to teeter on the edge of a pin.  While these young men and women are finding their place in this world, we want to help them stay grounded in the truth of who God created them to be.  We know that if we can teach them the immeasurable value they have on the inside of themselves because of Jesus, so many of those other temptations and ways that glitter may not seem so valuable.  The world lies and says "experience is the best teacher".  As believers, we know that wisdom from God is actually the best teacher.  It is our passion to see this group of leaders-in-the-making grow in the knowledge of who they are in Christ as they make their way into a world that needs what they have to offer.  Oh... and there's no reason they can't have fun along the way at camps, pizza nights, and more!

Our purpose at Faith Building Church is, primarily, to lead people on this amazing spiritual journey.  Truths from God's Word will be taught and discussed with these teens in a practical way that can be applied right where they are in life.  While the adults are learning who they are in Christ and the realities of the New Covenant life we have as believers, these young men and women in junior-high and high school will be learning no less.

The bible tells us that "iron sharpens iron".  To put it simply... we need each other!  Especially in these formative teenage years, it is so important to know that you are not alone in this journey following Christ Jesus.  We have heard story after story of how friendships in this youth ministry are helping our teens navigate their course through school in faith, knowing they are overcomers.  In Foundations Youth, you will always have someone by your side!

Let's be honest... life is supposed to be fun.  Our youth continually have events and opportunities to not only grow in their faith, but to have a blast doing it!  Whether it is a bible study, a group night to Kings Island, bowling, or laughing with your friends while serving a meal to our community, serving God can be the most fun thing that you will ever do.  Come out and see what it can be like to enjoy every minute of this Kingdom life!