"By Love... Serve One Another" - Gal. 5:13

At Faith Building Church, we believe we are called to live life inside-out.  If you are in Christ, you have the ability inside of you to be all He has called you to be and make a difference in your world.  We all have gifts and talents that God has placed on the inside of us and what we do in ministry should flow purposefully out of what we value and love.

Ministry should never be a burden.  We say that we live inside-out because God's grace is what empowers us to minister His love.  We don't do good deeds to earn value.  We learn our value first and then the good deeds flow effortlessly.  A believer simply knows the fullness of who they are in Christ and then it is easy to minister out of the overflow!  We do that individually, but also corporately.  As a church family, we minister to each other inside of the four walls so that we can be a strong unit that makes a difference in our community and the world around us outside of the four walls.  Together, that is how we minister from the inside-out!

Some of the areas we are here to minister to our church family...

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IN-side the Four Walls

There are so many ways to engage in ministries to equip you and your family to be all you are called to be!

Take it to the streets...

"OK... I've heard about God's plan of grace for me and I have learned to walk into it by faith.  So, now what?"

We have not been called to ONLY grow in our own faith so we can sit around and talk about how spiritual we are.  The Bible says Abraham was blessed to be a blessing.  Praise Jesus that we are, too!  Once you have experienced the goodness of God, you will want to minister that goodness to others by serving out of a heart of gratitude.

Some of the areas we are here to minister to our community and the world around us...

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OUT-side the Four Walls

Step out and take the love of Jesus to a dying world.  Find your passion and use it as an outlet to minister to those around you!

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