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    Just Say YES!
    08.11.23 | Articles | by Joel Jacobs

    Have you ever taken the time to ponder how great things start with a simple “yes”? Let me first use some worldly examples of what I mean. Think about Milton Hershey, The Wright brothers, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Sam Walton, and Will...

      05.19.23 | Articles | by Joel Jacobs

      Pastor Candice and I recently used our old high school yearbooks for a lesson demonstration with the youth at church. It got me looking back through my senior year scanning over my classmate’s pictures. The pictures helped resurface my...

        Get Uncomfortable
        03.31.23 | Articles | by Joel Jacobs

        Many of you are aware of the recent mission trip to Yucatan, Mexico I was blessed to be a part of. It’s a week that has marked my life forever, and not just that I will always remember it. There are a lot of significant life events that we...

          God Remembers
          02.03.23 | Articles | by Joel Jacobs

          There are a lot of ways believers can describe what the Bible is. Probably something along the lines of ‘a collection of historical books and letters’ or ‘God’s recorded word’. Even as you are reading this you may be...

            Has Your Heart Become Dull?
            09.26.22 | Articles | by Joel Jacobs

            Do you ever think about how in-depth God’s written Word is? How you can read the same historical accounts from the Bible multiple times, over many years, and then all the sudden He shows you something you never noticed before? It’s...

              Knowledge vs Wisdom
              02.22.22 | Articles | by Joel Jacobs

              Unfortunately, many confuse having “knowledge” as having “wisdom.” These two things are not the same, BUT they do work together. Knowledge centers around knowing facts and information. However, wisdom is the application of...