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Keep the Horse Before the Cart

The world's system for achievement centers on what YOU have to DO (or in some ways - NOT DO). That's just the reality of life on earth. Do "this" and get "this" outcome. Because of that, often times Christian believers get caught up focusing on what they have to DO for God. Instead of living in freedom through Christ, they are stuck in religion. "DO this...DO that...don't DO this...don't DO that" and they believe that's how you please God. However, living a Christian life should be focused on what God, through Jesus, did for us! That's not to say doing Kingdom work isn't important, but when Christian believers put their focus in the correct order, "works" becomes the fruit instead of an obligation. Hit play and watch Pastor Anthony as he points out the key to living a life of overflow starts first with knowing we are created in Christ's image. Don't let your spiritual life get out of order and simply keep the horse before the cart!

Speaker: Anthony Wade

July 31, 2022
Anthony Wade

Lead Pastor

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