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We live in a world that is saturated with sorrow everywhere you look.  Yet, believers are commanded to sorrow not.  How can we possibly live that way... free of sorrow?  Well, the answer is in the next phrase of that verse: as others who have no hope.  You see, we have an amazing hope in Jesus and, because of that, we can live our life free of any kind of fear.  Watch today as Pastor Anthony shows the differences in the harlot church and the true Bride of Christ.  It is possible, like five of the ten virgins in Matthew 25, to have enough Holy Spirit anointing to be ready to walk through the door into the next phase of your assignment.  The Bridegroom is calling.  Jesus, the Head of the Church, is yearning to lead you into your destiny.  It is time for us to live a life purpose and power.  It is time for us to walk through the door that He has opened that no man can shut.  This is the kind of life that gold and silver cannot buy.  These vital truths are the true riches of the Kingdom and they are "Non-Perishable".

Speaker: Anthony Wade

January 10, 2021
Anthony Wade

Lead Pastor

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