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The Holy Spirit - Part 1

Most believers know a great deal about their Heavenly Father and Jesus. Unfortunately, not as much is known about Holy Spirit. For example, did you know that there is a difference in the in-dwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit’s infilling power? Also, Jesus said Holy Spirit is given so that we could be comforted and empowered to live the kingdom life we are called to live. Join us today as Pastor Anthony expounds on these truths and shows that Jesus taught how we can receive Holy Spirit into AND upon us, how He administered this to the disciples, and how we are called to live out this life as THE church. In this series you will also learn how to stay in the middle of the road, biblically, and not fall into any ditches regarding the Holy Spirit. Receive God’s plan for your life where Holy Spirit is concerned and begin living out your destiny in greater fullness today.

Speaker: Anthony Wade

January 9, 2022
Anthony Wade

Lead Pastor

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