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Walking Out God's Best

God has declared many definitive promises for those that have declared Jesus as Lord, but to fully receive all that God has for us, believers need to understand that God also has thoughts he thinks towards us. Although God's promises are eternally established, that doesn't mean he stops working in our everyday lives, right now. The thoughts he thinks towards us is continual and they are for our GOOD. To thrive in this earthly life, believers must know who they are and ALL of what belongs to them. If not, our perceptions can keep us trapped in a place of brokenness, and our mind will not allow us to get to a place where we are everything He thinks towards us. Join us with Pastor Anthony, and let this truth get in you. Your journey on earth doesn't have to be miserable. A journey that sees you just barely getting by, waiting to get to heaven someday. You can start walking out God's best, RIGHT NOW!

Speaker: Anthony Wade

July 24, 2022
Anthony Wade

Lead Pastor

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