I Finally Understand Love

August 20, 2019

Tina H. - Lebanon, OH

“I’ll never ‘join’ another church”……

I said this for years until God brought me to FBC after going to so many different churches in Lebanon and surrounding areas.  I just couldn’t find the right fit — like Cinderella’s slipper!

My first few visits to FBC, I was a distant, skeptical observer due to my personal & tainted church filter from my past experiences and why in the world did these complete strangers tell me they loved me?????  “You don’t even know me.  How can you so flippantly use the word ‘love’?”, I thought.

My father died when I was four years old and I could not relate to God as my loving FATHER.  What does it mean to crawl up in your Daddy’s lap and feel his loving arms around you?  To ask him to meet your needs and he does so out of his love for you?  To have a dad protect you and defend you?  To have concern for your fears and concerns?  To tell you that you are beautiful and precious to him?  The list went on.

Five years later, I can now tell you the love voiced at FBC was more than just flippant verbiage but a genuine love, one to another, that I initially had a hard time receiving because I didn’t really know about God’s love for me!  Learning of His love through Pastor Anthony’s teaching has changed my life.  I now know His love is unconditional, unlimited, faithful and given freely and it has deepened my love for Him... because He first loved me!!!!

The love at FBC is HIS LOVE which completes each of us.  In Him, there is NOTHING missing or broken and I eagerly seek His purpose for my life.

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