I Found My True Place

June 10, 2018

Barb H. - Lebanon, OH

I remember growing up in a church where almost everyone there was somehow related to me.  It was more like a great big reunion every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday (Youth meeting).  These are precious memories for me.  I have always remembered this and found myself searching for that same experience of relationship.

When I came to Faith Building Church, I was on a journey.  I had been searching for significance for a long time.  John Osteen wrote a book called ‘A Place Called There’ and that’s what I was looking and longing for.  I had been a “God Chaser” going here and there looking for “a place called there” for a long time.

I went to ministry school in Canada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and in Florida, searching for “a place called there”.  Where was this place and why did my heart keep longing for it?

As I began to listen to Pastor Anthony minister about the Kingdom of God, growing up into love, stewardship, enjoying the journey, free born, living in the unseen, the faithfulness of God, declaring no condemnation, the seed in me, the force of peace, you are well able, the goodness of God, live out your purpose, make the exchange, the closeness of Jesus, peace with the Father and follow His lead…

I found a place called there!!!

A place called there, was there, all along…

It was Christ in me!!!!

I never have to search anymore for significance.  My Father God has given this to me through Jesus.  I have my identification with Christ.  I have been grafted into Him by the New Birth.  He is in me and I am in Him.  Praise the Lord forever!

I have found my tribe.  I have found His fellowship, His family, and His Love.  At Faith Building Church, we love with His love and His presence is significant.

Like E.W. Kenyon says, “We are the ones in whom LOVE never fails.”

Thank you, Pastor Anthony, for teaching us to only do what the Father does and only say what the Father says.

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