“I’ve Got This” – God

January 28, 2018

Courtney N. - Lebanon, OH

I am writing this as a testimony to the Children’s ministry at FBC.  My son is in the Faith Builders class with Jennifer Wade and we’ve been attending since September of 2015.  This is not your traditional light stuff Sunday school class with story time and crafts.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s what I’d expect out of a Sunday school class.

No, it’s different at FBC.  These kids are being taught the deeper stuff.  They’re being taught who they are in Christ, how they’re over comers and more than conquerors through Christ.  That all sounds great but until you see the manifestation of this spiritual maturity in your own child it’s hard to picture what that looks like.  I hope this testimony will show just how precious and valuable ALL teachings are at FBC, for every member of the family.

The past few weeks have been busier than normal for myself and my walk with God.  I had been spending more time shut in my room studying and praying.  I started to become concerned that Aiden wasn’t getting in the word enough himself.  He’s 10 and though I monitor him a lot, I am not watching him every second.

So one Wednesday evening I sit him down and explain to him that we can starve our spirit man if we’re only fed once or twice a week at church.  I was telling him how it’s equally important to be fed spiritually daily as it is physically.  He excitedly replied “Yea I’ve been reading my Bible a lot more lately!”  I said Oh really (trying to hide my surprise),how do you decide what scriptures to read?  He said, “I let God show me.”

Let that sink in.  My ten year old son not only reads the Bible out of desire, but is also letting God show him what to read!!  If that wasn’t enough, he continued on saying “I’ve been using my prayer closet a lot more too.  I go in there and pray for my family and friends from school and daycare a lot.”  All I could manage to choke out was a little “Ok..” as I could hear God smiling saying “I’ve got this.”

Now I was very intrigued and asked Aiden to do a Bible study together and he happily obliged.  He chose his devotional to start out so I opened it and read “Jesus replied, I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except by me.” And Aiden goes “OH I know that one! John 14 ummm… 6!” (I just stare in shock for a moment while I can almost hear God chuckling)  We decided to do a W.O.R.D study. (Write the scripture, Observe what it means, How is it Relevant to you, and Declare and pray the scipture over your life and loved ones.)  We write down our answers then read them to each other to discuss.  On the last one he said he wrote “I pray that the whole world believes this truth so we can all be in heaven together one day.”  Perfect and to the point.  Mine was really long (so super spiritual) and said I declare Jesus is my truth and I’ll choose His way in every aspect in my life.  I pray my family and friends have this same revelation so they can not only receive salvation but also live a victorious life through Christ on earth.

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