Many Testimonies

March 03, 2019

Barton F. - Lebanon, OH


My left knee was so sore I couldn’t work or walk on it and the Lord healed me.  Once in service at FBC, my back was hurting bad... burning like a nerve all the way down my back into my leg.  We were in prayer and I prayed Lord manifest a healing in me.  Pastor Anthony stopped where he was and said someone is asking for a healing.  A lady raised her hand but I felt it was for me and I was instantly healed!!  The only person I told was my wife.

Spiritual walk

The Holy Spirit always puts someone in my path that I get to share something from that week’s teaching at church.  I pray for the chance to share.

Idea of Church

I have really held on to being part of the body here at FBC.  The truth of “being a son” is that anything I do, I do it not to earn any merit it’s because may Father loves me and I love my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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