Straightening the Crooked Roads

September 09, 2018

Rex H. - Lebanon, OH

In my walk with Christ, since 1991, I’ve been to several churches and under several ministers.  I’ve heard hundreds of teachings and hundreds of opinions.  In my journey I’ve heard several teachings that would put condemnation on me if you didn’t do or act a certain way.  I would leave services feeling empty and with more questions than answers.  Not to be critical toward any churches, yet some churches are critical towards some believers.

Faith Building Church has been, and continues to be, a church with truth.  I call it “straightening the crooked roads”.  Religion in many places is a poison pill.  Religion brings control, condemnation, guilt and stunts spiritual growth.

Sitting under the teachings of Pastor Anthony is refreshing.  I’ve received understanding and now look at scriptures in a different way.  For example, just this past Sunday, Pastor referred to faith and fear when Jesus told his disciples “let us go over to the other side” in Mark 4.  Then a storm came and fear came upon the disciples.  I’ve read and also heard sermons, about the storm and disciples in the boat, more times than I can count.  All I heard was about the disciples not having faith.  The truth that Pastor Anthony brought out was that Jesus said they were all going to the other side.  It didn’t matter if there was a storm... they were going to the other side!  We must trust what Jesus tells us... this is where our faith lies!

I thank God that Faith Building Church is a partnership and not a membership church.  The love of Jesus, acceptance, and appreciation flows through Pastor Anthony.  I so appreciate the sensitivity Pastor Anthony has to the movement of the Holy Spirit and straightening the crooked roads.

Faith Building Church is a mile marker in my life.  Jesus is certainly the head of this body of believers!

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